This is a powerful 48V 6.0 AH (~290 Wh) E-bike Kit with thumb throttle (non-pedal assisted). Please comply with the E-bike laws in your country or do not use on public roads.


  • Bike Safety


Your bike needs to be equipped with all necessary safety equipment. This includes brakes, reflectors, lights, bell, etc.

Do not ride your bike without a helmet. 


  • Mechanical Safety Check

    Routinely check the condition of your bike and motor. Perform a visual and mechanical inspection of the whole bike before every ride. Make sure your cranks can spin and do not touch the motor when pedaling. Make sure your tires are inflated within the range given on your tire sidewall. Always check if your brakes are working.

  • Your first ride

Be sure to test your motor in an area away from cars, cyclists, pedestrians and other obstacles to become familiar with controls.

Keep in mind: electric assistance will make you go faster, people around you are less likely to see you.

Ride with caution.


  • Adults only


Only to be used by adults, no children under the age of 18.


  • Lithium Ion battery

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries are potentially hazardous and can present a serious risk if damaged, defective or improperly used. 
  • Do not charge the battery overnight. Unplug the cables as soon as it is fully charged and do not charge unattended.

  • Do not expose to extreme cold or heat.

  • Do not let any liquid come in contact with the battery.
  • Do not take on passenger aircraft.