Install your Pulse E-bike Kit

Step 1: Motor 

Attach the motor under the bottom bracket. Tighten with the 6mm allen key included in the kit. Make sure the motor is centered and your cranks can spin.  


Step 2: Battery

Attach the battery under the top-tube with velcro fasteners. If you have brake cables, attach the battery at a spot in the middle of the toptube, away from the seatpost. 



Step 3: Thumb Throttle

Slide on thumb throttle and connect the cables. Double-check if your cranks are spinning and brakes are working.






Pulse fits on any standard size BMX and most Mountain Bikes without the need of any extra tools.
However there are some BMX frames that require you to make an adjustment before your first ride: Most modern BMX frames have two seperate dropouts welded to the bottom bracket which creates space for our 6mm screw to tighten the Pulse-motor underneath: 
However there are some BMX frames using a single dropout system, for example the Subrosa Wishbone or Wethepeople Revolver. This system requires you to drill a small hole through the dropout so the motor can be attached. This will not impact the strength of you frame since it is only a 6mm screw but it does require extra tools which are not provided in the Kit. 
Not 100% sure if Pulse fits on your bike?
Send us a photo or the name of your bike and we will get back to you as soon as we can.