The Cheapest E Bike On the Market!

The cheapest E-Bike Out the there! 

The whole idea behind Pulse E-bike Solutions was to create a product that gave more people the option to get into the huge landscape that is riding an E-Bike. With the popularity of E bikes growing globally over the past 5 years, we realised there was something missing. An E-Bike that doesn’t affect the use of your existing Bike! We developed this engine with the help of some like-minded people and together we came up with the Pulse E-Bike Kit. The first design was far bigger and used only one engine. The engine In the wheel that drives the bike forward did not exist and the driving engine was in the box. We trialed this out but realised without a moving arm the engine would burn out very fast since it was constantly running with extreme pressure pushing down. 

The Pulse E bike Engine.

With BMX frames in mind, we kept thinking about how we could improve the engine and still make it fit the huge majority of BMX frames. We settled for the single (or double) bolt clamping system since we saw the advantage of being able to use one bolt to fasten the entire engine to the bike. The velcro straps were the next piece of the puzzle and once we were happy there we tested again for another 8months. Changing small bits and pieces until we landed with the current design.

3 Simple Parts

As riders, ourselves and daily users of the Pulse E-Bike kits we are strong believers in constant development of the products we offer and value our customer's feedback more than anything. We are very thankful for all the support the BMX industry has been showing us and look forward to keeping bringing the best E-bike Kit suitable for all types of BMX, and other bike frames! 

As they say, “we have left the best to last!” The secondary goal of this E-bike kit was to ensure that a good majority of riders would be able to afford it. We understand how expensive conventional E-bikes can be and frustrating it can be to have to change your current bike or build a completely separate bike just for the convenience of having an E-Bike. We feel like we have hit the right spot pricing our engine at $659AUD. We know this is still “sorta” expensive. But looking at the next cheapest option for an E-bike, you would be likely to spend upward of $1000 dollars. This means that we have the cheapest product on the current E-bike Market. And all you need is your current bike!

If you're interested in learning more about the Pulse E-Bike and Pulse Plus  E bike Kits, read the article shared on DIGBMX.COM earlier this month.