Installing your Pulse E-Bike Kit

A simple guide on how to install your Pulse E-Bike Kit 



Attach the motor under the bottom bracket. Tighten with the 6mm allen key included in the kit. Make sure the motor is centered and your cranks can spin. 



Attach the battery under the top-tube with velcro fasteners. If you have brake cables, attach the battery at a spot in the middle of the toptube, away from the seatpost. 



Slide on thumb throttle and connect the cables. Double-check if your cranks are spinning and brakes are working.



Alternative ways to install:

There are also alternative ways of attaching the motor to your bottom bracket: if your frame has double tubing between the bottom bracket and your back wheel (90% of all bikes we’ve tried have this) you simply put the screw through the middle and tighten it as shown in the above guide.

If your frame has a wishbone (for example T-1 frames) between bottom bracket and back wheel you can use the extra screw included in the kit and attach it with two screws on either side of the wishbone.

In the unlikely case that the wishbone has an unusual size (we have only seen this on a 26” Subrosa cruiser so far) the easiest way to attach the motor is to drill a small 6mm through the middle of the wishbone and tighten the screw through it.