Coronavirus VS Pulse Plus !

Combat Coronavirus with Pulse E Bikes 

After all this talk about the coronavirus in the past months and the severity of the virus still unknown in most countries, the media has been doing nothing but promote fear into the lives of us all. And for good reason. The virus has done a great job of spreading and conquering major parts of Europe, America, and parts of East Asia. Here at pulse e-bikes we offer our sincerest thoughts to be with anyone affected by Covid19. 
On a lighter note we would like to take a ride down a different path, a path less traveled. This is a journey that not many people would be willing to take. Thankfully there are some brave souls out there keeping the shipping industry going through these tough times around the globe. Pulse E-Bikes will continue to offer free shipping so long as the Global pandemic of covid19 is rampant throughout the world. We want to say a massive thank you to all the personnel that work with us every day bringing our engines to your door. 
These guys are working selflessly in conditions exposing them to hundreds of parcels every day. However, we ensure that all shipping businesses would be practicing extreme health caution during these times. 
We would also love to tell you about our newest product to the line. The Pulse Plus. This powerful E-Bike Kit features a stronger 48V Battery and Thumb Throttle. Pulse can easily be attached and detached to and from your bike using only one screw and velcro fasteners.
Pulse PLUS uses an extra-strong 7.8 AH 48V Battery to allow a range of ~50km (~30miles) on a single charge.

So be safe out there guys&girls and have fun riding your new Pulse E-Bike Kit today.