An E-Bike for the price of a BMX-Frame?

What the F**** is PULSE?


After last months post on the @BMX Instagram this little engine caused quite some controversy with everyone weighing in their 2 cents, some riders loving the idea and some shredding it to bits. Naturally not everyone likes new stuff, and being BMX riders ourselves we know that we are all pretty stuck in our ways. However we aren’t trying to recreate the wheel here, we aren’t even trying to pump it up. All this little black box does is get you from A to B without you having to pedal, saving your legs for the session. Pulse is a simple but powerful E-bike kit that can be installed insanely fast not only on your BMX but most other bikes too. The whole kit weighs only 5 kgs and fits into any backpack. No need to change or adjust any parts on your bike like traditional E-bikes. The best part? It costs as little as a BMX frame.

How does it work?

The Pulse E-Bike motor is an accessory to any bike frame, we tried to design a product that was going to be simple to take on and off your bike so your BMX doesn’t turn into a full blown robot bike. The intention of this motor is to allow you to take your BMX bike wherever you want to go whether it be the local park, set of trails or a spot somewhere on the other side of town. Attaching it to your bike takes only one minute (we’ve done it in 45 seconds so good luck topping that) which makes it super easy to switch from cruise mode into shred your bmx mode.


Pulse uses two separate engines inside the motor: one that lifts the arm towards the tyre and the other to spin the wheel. Traditional E-Bikes use either a motor that is inside the hub of the back wheel or a complicated mechanism connecting it to your cranks and sprocket. Both designs require parts of your bike to be changed and adjusted which is a big no no for BMX riders. Pulse is designed so none of the parts of your bike have to be changed. 

The best part about it? It’s a whole bunch cheaper than any other e-bike on the market. We are talking ¼ or less of the price of some of the electric options out there. 


After you watched this short video and showed us your appreciation that it wasn't filmed as a 30-minute unboxing V-Log it should take you about one minute to attach the kit. Simply attach the motor with one screw between the bottom bracket and back wheel, velcro the battery to your toptube and slide on the thumb throttle. We also throw in a super handy 6mm ratchet that is also sick for getting all your 6mm bits dialed for the sesh ahead after you got there with minimal effort. After that long sentence, you’re probably puffed out but don't worry because that’s what you can avoid once you got your own motor.

What can I use it for? 

Pulse helps to ease the daily commute to your local skatepark, streetspot, trails, work, school, shopping, and anywhere else you would take your bike if you didn't have to pedal. Getting to work faster in the mornings, not being all sweaty when you get to your girlfriend's parents house or simply having to get somewhere too far to pedal, Pulse has you covered. It’s a blessing for every filmer carrying a heavy backpack full of camera gear. For street riders we found another, and probably one of our favourite uses for the motors: spot searching. When do you ever pedal 30 km/20 miles to search for spots? (or 50 km/30 miles if you get Pulse PLUS ) With the motor on your bike you simply sit down, cruise to that new suburb you haven't really been yet and find that perfect new handrail.

Apart from testimony from someone who got a free engine it offers battery range of 30 km (20 miles) or 50 km (30 miles) for the premium version and a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) which isn’t as fast as CHASE HAWK is going to roast a bowl but it is gonna get you there a whole lot faster than your average non-electric bike. 



It’s worth noting that while the engine is attached to your bike you can still pedal. That means you can additionally fang a couple of cranks and they fuckin go. In the unlikely case of them running out of battery you can still pedal the rest of the way to the next power plug. It is also very helpful after having to stop (on a red light for example) to give it one or two cranks to speed up quicker, then sit down and enjoy not having to pedal. 



Where can I get one?

We are currently offering free worldwide shipping on our website which costs us an arm and a leg so better be quick before we change our mind.  Follow the link to the website and click on “shop” to make your order ( ). You can change the currency to your country and then select the motor kit of your choice. Shipping usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on where in the world you are.