• Coronavirus VS Pulse Plus !

    This is a journey that not many people would be willing to take.
  • The Cheapest E Bike On the Market!

    The cheapest E-Bike Out the there!  The whole idea behind Pulse E-bike Solutions was to create a product that gave more people the option to get in...
  • An E-Bike for the price of a BMX-Frame?

    Pulse is a simple but powerful E-bike kit that can be installed insanely fast not only on your BMX but most other bikes too. The best part? It costs as little as a BMX frame.
  • Introducing Pulse PLUS

    Introducing Pulse PLUS: We now offer a premium version of our Pulse motor with an incredibly strong battery of 48V 7.8 AH which increases the r...
  • Installing your Pulse E-Bike Kit

    A simple guide on how to install your Pulse E-Bike Kit    STEP 1: MOTOR  Attach the motor under the bottom bracket. Tighten with the 6mm allen ke...